Apr 06

Reinventing the House

A washing of face costs between 4,000 and 6,000 euros
Bathrooms are not less graceful home stay
There are Windows that awaken the senses. Provided that Raquel is stopped in front of a reform and decoration shop feel desire to modernize its floor in Villaverde. You want to change the blue couch and complains that his room is too small. “I have no place to put a dining table. If pulled this bathroom… “, says with its surroundings.

But the economic situation is forcing to do fewer reforms and more washing face with tighter budgets, 4,000 to 6,000 euros. Although facilities deteriorate and sometimes there is no choice but that put the pick and the shovel. “The price per square meter in a comprehensive reform with optimum quality costs from 1,000 euros”, according to the study of Interior design and architecture arQte2.
Reform of bathrooms and kitchens is the most frequent type along with painting. The renovation of the House don’t usually check in 40 years and only the change of owner encourages plumbing, faucets or electricity reform”, said Esther Estévez, Manager of the Association of wholesalers of sanitation, heating, plumbing, Gas, air conditioning and related (Amascal).
But the truth is that job instability and lack of funding pitch for land, or slow works. January and February have joined 3.916 visas for housing reform, which means a fall of 7.2% over the same period of last year, according to the Ministry of public works. And “the turnover of the companies has been reduced more than 50 %”, says Pedro Oliver, director-general of the Union of reformists Associates (URA).
But if Raquel get funding you would be surprised of how materials and designs have changed in recent years.
Change bathrooms and kitchens and paint walls remain the main reforms
The houses have air pulling partitions and creating open and multi-functional spaces. This is a trend, says the firm Schmidt kitchens. Also anything look like what it is. “We try to kitchen and bathroom does not look to what they are. We integrate the kitchen in the living room, so the fans become lamps”, they say in arQte2.
Authentic works of art can be found in the bathrooms. One of the latest collections of the signature rock is Barcelona, in collaboration with the architect Carlos Ferrater. The pieces are characterized by modularity, which allows to create different spaces. The white wall double washbasin euros 553. The toilet has fall cushioned seats and a cistern which reduces water consumption by 25%.
No matter the space. Toilets are adapted. This firm has created a basin of one piece, whose price is based on 1.557 euros.
Ceramics, a classic in baths, now alternating with paintings, stucco, stones, wood or wall coverings.
Kitchens boast new Cook-tops, fronts and materials. The polylaminate offers a wide range of textures and “new collections range from drawers backlit with led technology to the LeMans, a Cabinet spot that offers a multitude of possibilities of storage”, designated in The Singular Kitchen. And, above all, “Basic is the mixing of materials”, continuing in Schmidt kitchens.
The neutral color should occupy 60% of the wall. The intense should not exceed 15 %
Countertops give much play Corian or Silestone, that bind detectable, as if it were one piece seamless, and that integrated sinks and washbasins.
If the budget is not reached, you can choose to change the look of the kitchen with decorative magnets for appliances and Cabinet fronts. It is a clean and easy solution that costs between 68 and 163 euros. You can choose fruits, landscapes or objects, or family photos.
“Soil we must spare no, quality it should prevail,” they say in arQte2. It is the tendency to mix ceramic materials with natural (wood, stone, cement, polished…).
Stab the Park may be a solution. But if you want to replace it to opt for the very light wood to enhance the light and dark tones, giving warmth. The wide lama decking and aged, and brushed finishes are also being explains Julio Iglesias, Tarisur signature. The recycled vintage look is the trend in furniture and floors. It’s wood floors with cracks, holes and a matte look that highlights its authenticity.
With respect to the choice of material, multilayer natural wood pallets remain the best option. Its price part of 35 or 40 euros meter.Another variety are synthetic laminate floors that mimic natural wood. “If we want to enjoy of a soil with guarantees, prices should be starting from 25 or 30 euros”, advised in Tarisur.

Wood floors are competing with the ceramic.
Now that ceramics is out of bathrooms and kitchens and are seen in living rooms and dining rooms, its applications are more original: fireplaces, staircases, shelves, niches… Stoneware, highlights different textures and formats, and technological ceramics Venatto, suitable for covering walls and floors in kitchens and baths, both finishing polished like textured, says Carmen Luna, of the Greco Gres group.
The Windows are key to any reform, because of them depends on the thermal and acoustic insulation. The tendency is to take advantage of natural light and try to have the least possible partitions. “We are committed to the PVC by energy savings”, they say in arQte2. If in addition an insulated glazing is incorporated, the savings in heating and air conditioning can be up to 70% with respect to the old Windows, according to Kommerling, whose profiles of PVC are 70 mm thick and five air chambers. This firm has just introduced a system to give colour, up to 150 tones. Noteworthy finishes in wood. Other efficient options are aluminium with thermal break or even wood.
The design entered full also in the heating sector. The radiators look like sculptures hanging from the wall. One of the last to reach the market is the more light, the brand name Runtal radiator. Designed by King & Miranda, it has a depth of only 16 mm and weighs half that one normal. Its price part of the 950 euros.
If you touch to change the air conditioning, it is luck. The Comunidad de Madrid has just launched a renewal Plan to replace the old equipment. Support will vary between 150 and 500 euros, according to the cooling capacity of the team.
In painting, many years ago that the gotelé went out of fashion, while still chairing many walls. Smooth is essential to win in modernity. An economical option is the apply a paste of plaster called Ibertop, of Placo. Applies directly, without chemical treatments or preliminary mechanical preparations, which prevents dust and debris. Its price is five euros per square meter.
And a tip: soft and neutral color should be applied in more than 60% of the stay. The most intense not should occupy more than 15%.
And out
Little work makes sense when the building lacks insulation. Moisture and energy losses within the housing will continue. Exterior thermal insulation (Sate) system is a cold and heat insulation, get up to 60% energy savings and is not necessary for residents to abandon their homes, they point in the National Association that brings together the Spanish industry of the expanded polystyrene (Anape). Its approximate price, with installation, is EUR 40 to 70 square meter, according to Grupo Puma. Layers that compose it are bonding, insulating and finishing. Expanded polystyrene is widely used as a thermal insulator. Also the mineral wool. The Association of Spanish manufacturers of mineral wool insulation (Afelma) just ask for the Government to lead a Covenant by the rehabilitation. There are more than 23 million homes with no or poor thermal insulation. Luckily, in Madrid are underway a renewal Plan to rehabilitate the thermal insulation of the facade. The subsidy is between 22% and 35% of the cost, up to a maximum of € 20,000 per dwelling or 300,000 euros per building.