Apr 07

Consignment Become Unique Interior

To bring the interior elements of interest in the home is not necessarily new and expensive. Ancient objects or used goods that are no longer used in fact can be used as a unique decoration.

With proper structuring, used goods or ancient it will be a display of the beautiful to the eye. Also, the used goods you can make decorative objects with high aesthetic touch.

According to interior designer Husni Saleh of Aesthetic Home, there are several ways it can be taken in the use of second-hand goods, either through reuse or technique reuse the objects, recycle or recycle, re function and create a new function of a thrift.

To conjure used goods to be functioning again it takes courage to try. So, start from now to tamper with your repository.


First, look for used goods that have long inhabited the barn and clean. Begin to pour your creativity to make the junkyard was a unique decorative items at home, such as suitcase or briefcase for a display box in the living room.

For those of you who are lucky to get it back, leather briefcases can certainly be used as a decoration in the corner of your living room. First, clean the suitcase with warm water. Clean up remaining dust with a clean cloth, then winds to dry.

Once dry, open suitcases and piles soft cloth wadding satin or dark fiber tile to cover the inside. Put your suitcase on a table or area focal point, and add ornamental trinkets in it. Well, now it’s become second-hand suitcase as a display box vintage shades!

Wicker basket

Perhaps, a more appropriate reuse furniture for your home is a wicker basket. You can create its own wicker basket keeping with the feel of occupancy.

How, select the color matching canvas with shades family room to cover the inside of the basket. Sew or glue on the edges give so it blends like a pillowcase that can be changed to be washed.

Former V8 engine

Coffee table do not dwell on stuff and do not get stuck just on the latest design. Pile of former V8 engine can greatly provoke the attention of your guests, and suitable for automotive enthusiasts.

How, you may first machine polish all over his body again. Then, cover with a semi-matte finish spray enamel for easy cleaning. Now, you already have a unique table to welcome guests!


Collect a variety of bottles in your home. Whether it’s beverage bottles or syrup bottles, you can make a unique decorative lighting in the home.

The trick is simple. Clean bottles and prepare wire for binding the bottle into a unique piece. Holes in bottom of the bottle and insert a small decorative lamp into it. Now, you are ready lights display.