Apr 07

Health Insurance Comes in Handy

Last year I didn’t have any health insurance. I couldn’t really afford it at the time, but I didn’t need it either, because I rarely get any kind of injuries or illnesses. When I found out that the new health care bill would be taking effect, I started looking for health care, since everyone would need to have it. That’s how I found blue cross blue shield of florida, and I couldn’t have found them at a better time.

I had to compare different insurance plans before deciding on one. There were a lot of plans, and each one offered a different amount of coverage. I managed to narrow my options down to a few choices, and out of those few, Blue Cross seemed like the most appealing, so I signed up for it.

After signing up for Blue Cross, I was in a car accident. The accident wasn’t my fault, and I received some injuries from it.